Meet Nicole Victoria

Nicole is a CEO, Money Coach and financial literacy advocate who specializes in helping 20 and 30 something women effortlessly manage their money + build bank accounts that never stop growing.

Nicole knew there had to be more to life than living in a perpetual cycle of having too much month left over at the end of her money, with $0 in the bank - so she got to work. She learned everything she could about personal finance, and was able to go from broke as a joke ($40,000 in debt with 0 dollars in savings) to a $500,000 net worth in her 20s (that has now grown to over $1M at 30) -  and that's how No Budget Babe was born.

She made it her mission to help teach other women how to take control of their finances so they can finally start winning with money, and living the lives of their dreams.

We've helped over 100,000 students through our programs. Why not you?

Ready to work with Nicole?

Let's help you take control of your finances +Ā build a bank account that never stops growing with one of our signature programs.

The Makin Money Moves Method

We are currently accepting applications for the next round of our group coaching program: The Makin Money Moves Method, where Nicole teaches her Mega Money Babes the exact process she used to get out of debt and grow her net worth to multiple six figures.

This is step one in your financial journey. If you're just getting started, this is likely the program for you.


TheĀ Income Multiplier

We are currently accepting applications for the next round of our group coaching program for The Income Multiplier, where Nicole + team teachĀ you how to build out your multiple streams of income (to get that money working harder than you do).

This is the process Nicole is using to become work optional (aka retire early) in her 30s.Ā 

Income Multiplier is step 2 in your financial journey. If you've grown your savings but don't know what to do next (ie. investing, and passive income), this is likely the program for you.

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Check out our collection of self study courses and e-books

Get your money working harder than you do

Saving alone will never build real wealth: the only way to truly get ahead with money is to get your money working FOR you. This course will teach you the fundamentals to investing so you can start growing those freaking dollars!

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Save thousands without changing your lifestyle

Using our quick wins playbook, clients have been able to learn the strategies to negotiating their bills down, and their salaries higher. Written by Nicole, a Certified Negotiations Expert, the book includes everything you need to know to start saving MEGA dollars - today.

Check out the Quick Wins Playbook at the link below.


Buy your first home and build massive wealth

Buying a home is likely the largest purchase of your life, and when done right, has the ability to set you up for lifelong financial success. Nicole created the Smart Money Home Buying Method after buying her first home and using it to net $150k in 2 years. With a background in real estate, she is the perfect person to advise on this topic.

It's a NO brainer

Learn how to make a debt payoff plan that saves you time and $$$

Paying off debt seems simple enough - but if it was, then why are so many of us struggling with it?

This mini course helps you put together your full debt repayment plan, and gives you the tools and strategies to pay it off - like yesterday, with our signature ICE Me Out process.

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Learn how to start winning with money for free in our MAKIN' Money Moves guide

Start saying no to:

Giving up what you love

Needing more money

Restrictive budgets

And start saying yes to:

Change that feels easy

Paying off debt

Affording the life you want


Are you ready to change your freaking life?

Do you ever feel so stressed out because you think you're falling behind, confused because you make good money with nothing to show for it, and overwhelmed at the thought of managing your money + finances? You're not alone, and there is a proven method that can help you take control in ways you never thought possible.


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