Student Success Stories from our 

Mega Money Babes

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Tijana!

Meet Tijana: She now has the financial education that will help her achieve her personal and professional goals!

Tijana had no personal finance background and thought that once she made more money, she'd be set for life.

But when she started making more money, she didn't see the financial success she'd hoped for.

After completing Making Money Moves, Tijana was able to:

🔥Build a $4000 emergency fund from $0! 

🔥Paid off $2000 of high interest debt in the first month! 

🔥Created a plan for yearly family vacations!

🔥Created a plan to purchase a home within the next year!

We're so proud of Tijana for unlocking her Mega Money Babe status! 💪🏽

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Lyndsay!

Meet Lyndsay: Went from avoiding her finances to changing her entire life. 

"I was really stuck, I really never thought I would never be able to change the garbage situation that I was in and she [Nicole] made me see the light. I am forever so unconditionally grateful for that" 

Lyndsay is no longer avoiding her finances, changed her mindset, started investing and is now going for her dream opportunity in Florida!

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Stevi!

Meet Stevi: Went from relying on CCs to set up for the future.

“I don’t even know where I’d be without this program…I feel like such a bad a$$ as a woman in my 20s” 

Stevi is no longer relying on her credit card or scraping by. She was able to get out of the credit card cycle, build 6-month emergency fund savings, negotiate a 20% raise, start investing and finally feel confident with her financial future.


Check out this No Budget Babe review from Sonia!

Meet Sonia: now saving $2,500 a month, and locking in her millionaire status in her 20s.

 "I'm now able to buy a home in less than a year, when home ownership wasn't even on my radar before this program - I thought it was a distant dream." - Sonia

 *Sonia is one of our star students who was able to reduce her financial stress so much that she was sleeping better, lost weight, had less autoimmune disease flare ups, and started her family after taking the Makin Money Moves course!
Check out this No Budget Babe review from Lucia!

Meet Lucia: paid off all debt, has a 6-month emergency fund, AND now has a vacation fund


"This course truly has been life-changing. I went in with little to no direction with my money and even my future. I wasn't sure how to financially take care of my future self. I was able to save an emergency fund, pay off the rest of my debt, and feel more confident researching and investing in funds in the stock market. It was SO helpful to go through the exercise of writing out what I want my day to look like vs. what it currently looks like. From that, I was happy to make immediate changes in my current life to morph my days more into what I want them to be like - and it has been wonderful! I now also have a fund to support the kind of life I want to live. I feel much more organized in where I putting my money, and have a plan of where I want to go in the future. Thank you so much, NBB!"


Some of Lucia's big wins:
  • She was able to save $4800 more into her emergency fund, which helped her get to 6 months worth of emergency funds
  • Pay off $2560 in Debt 
  • Cut her monthly bills in HALF 
  • She has been able to allocate money into a specific fund to travel, and she finally feels like she's living 
  • Finally, feels confident investing in the stock market
  • Calculated out exactly how much she needs to put into my retirement savings to retire a millionaire AND retire earlier than scheduled
Check out this No Budget Babe review from Rebecca

Meet Rebecca: in just 3 months, not only did she make her investment back, but she built her Emergency Fund to $4500 for the first time EVER!


"When I had a chance to start the Monday after my call I jumped on it. I was still wary, as the price was steep for someone trying to stop putting things on my credit card. But unbelievably, in the 3 short months, not only did I pay for the course, but I started an Emergency Fund (for the first time ever and I'll be 42 this year!) and have $4,500 in there and growing. I've saved $1,500 into sinking funds for gifts, travel, small household updates. We paid cash for a family vacation for the first time ever! And I put $5,650 towards my debts. Adding it all up, that's over $11,650 dollars that I've allocated to the right places in three months. That is truly amazing. My only problem now is that I want to run before I've figured out how to walk. I need to take things slow and keep it up, because that amount will only grow as I keep getting more conscious about my money. Goals I want to hit: Gifting my daughters with post-secondary education so they can start off without student loans. Redoing my bathroom. Renovating my kitchen. Getting a teardrop or airstream trailer to tow around the country. Buying some land on the coast somewhere, with a small cabin and a place for me to write. Retiring early so I can focus on writing and coaching. I can't say enough good things about how amazing this course was."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Bianca!

Meet Bianca: now building my savings, getting out of debt and aware of how to become a multi-millionaire


"I came into this course knowing that I would be wealthy in my life it was always unsure of how. I see money and money management as an artform, turns out it is simple and easy to do for anyone. My goal now is to spread the word on this easy course, easy meaning it makes it so simple to go after your goals!!! I am now building my savings, getting myself out of debt and aware of how I can become a multi-millionaire, just like my grandma. I always promised her in my life I would make more money than her and now I understand how!"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Cassaundra

Meet Cassaundra: in just 3 months, she is tackling her debt one card at a time AND investing! 


"I started with a lot of debt, spread across two credit cards, with a 24% interest rate and a 19% interest rate. With this course I've been able to spread it out AND lower my rates AND get balance transfer cards with 0% interest rates. I've opened up two different savings account with a 4.50% APY, one for my household expenses with my partner, and another for me and my savings. I'm currently in the process of moving out of a tiny,. shitty, old apartment in the city and closer to my family, and the move will save my partner and I a collective $900 every month, which will go right back into investments and savings accounts. I've come so far in a year that really kicked my ass and I owe it to Nicole & all of the mega money babes I met along the way <3 y'all changed my life for the better and I'll always be so grateful."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Autumn

Meet Autumn: went from having absolutely no clue what she was doing to having clear goals and feeling way more confident with money! 


"I am so glad I did this course. Money is overwhelming and I had absolutely no clue what I was doing before. Also, I suffer intensely from analysis paralysis & imposter syndrome. Whenever I tried to learn anything about investing, I got overwhelmed and stopped trying. If I had taken another course just for investing, I would have missed out on the absolutely transformative beginning 2/3 of the course. A lot of what I learned in the beginning has helped shape and improve multiple non-financial areas of my life as well. I can't believe I never sat down and actually evaluated my life goals before. It was way more difficult than I realized. Now I have clear goals and approach decisions with them in mind! Towards the end of this course, I had to take a break due to some life events that were going on. Now, a few months later, I have finally finished it. I have a debt repayment plan/automatic payments set up, I am buying things in alignment with who/where I want to be in the future, I have an IRA and a brokerage account for non-retirement goals, I'm exploring multiple income streams, and I feel WAY more confident with money. I'm making spreadsheets, I'm taking emotion out of it, and I feel like the world is mine for the taking. THANK YOU for the encouragement, enthusiasm, & invaluable knowledge in this course."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Rashiqah!

Meet Rashiqah: now on the path to early retirement in the next 10-15 years.  


"Nicole’s three month coaching program provided me with the skills, knowledge and mindset to learn how to manage my money effectively for my future self. Her program is life changing as it really made me reflect on what’s important to me and recognize my self sabotaging habits. Being coached by Nicole made a great impact on my journey to gain control over my financials and live a life that has my money working for me!"

Some of Rashiqah's big wins:
  • On her way to be able to work part time by late next year and focus my time investing in myself (based on savings and investments)
  • Purchasing a new home in the next 3 years (in addition to her other 2 properties)
  • Saving hundreds per month to invest in index funds and stocks (which will help fund an early retirement)
  • Saving for a 3-4 month trip to south east Asia (she has the time and money to spend on things that bring her true joy)
  • On the path to be financially independent in the next 10-15 years (AKA early retirement. Ps. She's in her 20s)
Check out this No Budget Babe review from Mercedes!

Meet Mercedes: I am so glad I signed up for this course. I feel so prepared to get my retirement plans.


"Nicole and team are fantastic! Never leaving you feel judged for your past financial decisions and extremely knowledgeable to help boost your future self financially. I am so glad I signed up for this course. I feel so prepared to get my retirement plans in order and save on fees from the banks/financial advisors! Thank you so much for all that you do!!"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Jessica!

Meet Jessica: I'm forever grateful to finally realise, it is all possible and for all the knowledge I gained to make my goals a reality.


"Participating in this program is one of the best decision I made in my life. It is eye opening to see how easy it gets to be good with money and achieving your goals with the right mindset and strategies.


So many of us (my past self included) go through life on autopilot, doing the same as everybody else, spending money on things that do not really makes them happy just because it is the way that they always done it. Thinking that we would never achieve our goals anyway so why bother? When you take the time to truly ask yourself: What is truly important for you? what do you really want? and truly look at it and see what would be the steps to get there?? You realise that it is a lot more doable than what you actually believed it was before.


This program was that slap in the face for me. Look at all that you could have if you put your mind and effort towards this instead. I'm forever grateful to finally realise, it is all possible and for all the knowledge I gained to make my goals a reality. The support was beyond this world and the community makes you sooo comfortable from the start to ask about your problems and provide a safe place where we can all learn together without judgement.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to have created a program that truly change the lives of so many people. xxxx"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Rebecca!

Meet Rebecca: Went from feeling lost to increasing her net worth by $12k, saved for a down payment on her first home & will be work optional in her 30s.

"I can't stress enough how much Nicole and this program has helped me not only increase my net worth but better plan for my future.

Before the program, I was lost in terms of my finances and had no idea where to start. I made good money but never really had anything to show for it. In April 2021, I had the chance to take advantage of the free content and found that very beneficial in helping me increase my net worth by $15k. Because of this, I knew that I needed to take a chance and invest in the Income Multiplier program.

During the program, Nicole and her lovely team were so helpful in answering questions on the group and mindset calls. They are patient and so adamant in helping you reach your goals. I have seen incredible success during the program as well.

Over the course of 4 months, I have saved a 3 month emergency fund, saved for a down payment on my first home (which I plan to eventually use as an investment property), invested in the stock market, maximized my 401k contributions and increase my net worth by $12k!!! Based on all of these things, I will be able to be work optional in my 30s! I am SO excited to take on this next chapter in my life feeling financial stable thanks to Nicole and the Income Multiplier program."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Heather!

Meet Heather: Even though I initially started this course with the intent of learning how to grow my money, I didn't realize how much more I would gain simply from the Money Mindset portion.


"I was so nervous starting this course because I felt as if I was already in a tenuous financial space and the initial investment felt so monumental. However, the course is so thoughtfully set up, that it takes these feelings and anxieties into account and helped me to navigate them within the first few modules.

Even though I initially started this course with the intent of learning how to grow my money, I didn't realize how much more I would gain simply from the Money Mindset portion. Now, although I haven't made any huge strides in my financial standing, I feel fully capable of taking control of my financial future and confident that I have the tools to be successful."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Heather!

Meet Heather: Broke the paycheck to paycheck cycle

"I have been searching for this program for the last 4 years not knowing it actually existed.

I have come across numerous mentors but none felt trustworthy until I finally found Nicole.

Entering the program I had no emergency fund, no clue how to invest, little to no hope that I'd actually get to accomplish my big financial goals, living paycheck to paycheck and feeling defeated with today's economy.

Since completing this program: I now have an emergency fund (that I've actually built up twice because I had an emergency last month and for the 1st time, I had cash available! omg such a win!!). - I now have a clear vision and understanding of where my money is and has been going (Now I'm not living paycheck to paycheck) - I learned how to negotiate with confidence (my phone bill and auto insurance is cheaper now, my banks reimbursed a lot of bank fees) - I now have a roadmap to paying off my credit card debt (which will be paid off within the next 2 months after finding all this extra money!) - I gained so much confidence that I dropped my fear to change careers. In the near future I'll be working in a field that brings me so much more joy and fulfillment! - I had zero knowledge prior to this program but now have an understanding of how to invest - PEACE OF MIND- I now have a positive outlook on my future. I finally have a realistic plan and roadmap to reaching my goals.


Because I know have broken the "paycheck to paycheck" cycle, I have upgraded myself personally but also as a mother. This piece of motherhood is now being fulfilled. I can now teach these tools to my kids and know that as they grow, they will not have to suffer the way I did.

I knew this program would change my life and it did. I could cry as I exit. I am so grateful and so humbled to have gained so much knowledge within these 3 short months.

My mental and financial situation has been upgraded in such a way, my only choice is to succeed and accomplish all I've ever wanted.

Thank you, Nicole!! I took a look at where I was, who I was (mentally/financially/even physically) 3 months ago vs. me today. I can't thank you enough. Thank you for the push to invest in myself. Thank you for being so relatable and pushing me to elevate myself.

I love this program so much!!"

Click here to watch Heather + Nicole LIVE on IG. 

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Mireya!

Meet Mireya: She is creating her generational legacy

"In 6 short months....with the help of Nicole & her team pushing me to finally do all the things & GSD I have successfully:

  • Maintained an emergency fund in a new HYSA.
  • Paid off $12,026 in credit card debt.
  • Increased my credit score 58 points
  • Negotiated everything I pay for saving $2,942 per year. 
  • Saving $11,600 by refinancing a vehicle loan.
  • Opened a 2 step CD ladder to fund a down payment for a house.
  • Opened investment accounts for myself, husband & 2 kids.
The numbers are freaking amazing & show obvious success... but for me, the MOST valuable outcome of this program is having the knowledge & power to create a GENERATIONAL LEGACY.
Ability to take responsibility & action to end the poverty/scarcity mindset to only leave room for growth, success and "how can I" mindset.
It starts with me.
I am confident I now have the knowledge & tools to set my family up for success for years to come & to me that is PRICELESS.
Thank you so much, Nicole & team. Could not have had SO much success in such short time without you.

Apply now. Your future self will thank you." 

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Janae!

Meet Janae: paid off $5k of debt & built a 6-month emergency fund in 3 months.


"I never had anyone to teach me about finances, and going into the bank was always incredibly overwhelming. This program has me feeling more comfortable talking about money, handling my money, and picturing the future money that I'll have one day!

I started the MAKIN' Money Moves Method with over $12K in debt and I've successfully paid $5K down since being in this program. I have a six-month emergency fund (which I've NEVER had), and plans for goal saving for the next few years.

Plus, on top of all of that, I was able to negotiate lower monthly bills and advocate during bonus time at my company.

I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for all the support I got during this program -- Nicole and Rashiqah were incredible mentors and really helped take you through your personal situations. I feel confident having the tools I've gained from this course and can't wait to keep learning!

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Ariel!

Meet Ariel: Went from feeling powerless to in FULL control of her future

"When I started this program, I was at a loss. I felt like everyone around me was light years ahead of me. I wanted to save for a house, to have a retirement plan in place, pay off my debt, and learn how to invest, but I felt like there was no end in sight. I thought I had made a huge mistake by getting my doctorate and having student loans, and had no idea that this program would not only help me change my financial picture, but also help me change my mindset and realize that I’m a freaking BOSS.

Thanks to the program, I am now on track to pay off my student loans and car loan in the next 5 years (5 years sooner than I had planned). I am on track to save $35K for a down payment on my first home in the next 18 months. I started investing in order to buy a lake house for my future family, and am on track to have $47K for a second down payment in 10 years! I also opened a retirement account that has me on track to retire with $1.2 million.

When I started this program I had no CLUE what it felt like to be in control of my financial situation. I now feel so incredibly empowered to make the right decisions for my goals. I hope that others finally take the leap to invest in their future selves by enrolling in this course, I can guarantee that you will not regret it!"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Natasha!

Meet Natasha: In control of her finances and formed sustainable habits.  


"I’ve always felt like I was bad with money. Whenever I made strides something would happen and it was always one step forward two steps back. When I found Nicole I won’t lie, I was skeptical. There are so many people on the internet saying they have the solution but Nicole’s program really helps! I started with the free content and then took the plunge into the paid program. I was SCARED but I genuinely believe this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

The game-changer for me with this program was the mindset piece. I finally figured out why I felt and acted the way I did when it came to money and it allowed me to make big changes in the right direction.

I paid off over 6k in credit card debt and am a few months away from paying off my student loans (cutting that time in more than half). I created a baby emergency fund and am continuing to grow it, started funding my RRSP, and have several other small savings goals I am working on. For the first time, I actually feel in control of my finances and like I’m making strong strides towards financial stability and growth.  

One of the best parts is how sustainable the habits I’ve formed are. I started the program during Covid restrictions, but as things opened up (and we actually were going out again) I was able to stick with these habits. I am continuing to make HUGE progress towards my short and long-term goals and am so grateful for Nicole’s support."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Sunjam!

Meet Sunjam: she changed her mindset, and changed her life.

"Where do I start? The Makin Money Moves program has been a game changer!

Absolutely love everything about this course! The amount of work, effort and sincerity the NBB team puts in their courses, I can't say I have seen any other online course/self development course has ever put, in my opinion.

The content, coaching calls, modules, student community, homework.. it is all GOLD!

The coaches and support team create such a safe space and a judgment-free zone for everyone. I didn’t know that learning about personal finance could be so empowering! It is hard not to believe in yourself and work towards your goals when articulate, brilliant and compassionate coaches like Nicole, Sara and Monique are constantly lifting you up. Thank you!

Here’s my journey through the last few months in the course: I have paid off over $10,000 in credit card debt since I started this course and I am now debt free!

My Credit Score went from 665 to 700 and I am now seriously pursuing my goal to own a property in the next 2 years!

I have cut down my monthly utility bill prices by HALF! Saving an additional $261 per month.

I negotiated my salary up by an additional $15,000

Started my Emergency fund and put away enough for 2 months -> Working towards a 6 month fund

Doubled my Net Worth by eliminating my Credit Card Debt and putting away half of my salary towards savings and investments: Paying my future self first 😀

The biggest win: I have the mindset of a Mega Money Babe now!

Improving your mindset is truly one of the hardest and the most underrated factors of building wealth. The mindset shift that I’ve had during my time with this group is truly priceless. No amount of money could bring me the perspective that has now shaped my money beliefs, money habits and goals. The kind of self reflection you do in this course is way more valuable than the cost of this program - I can truly understand that now!

This new perspective has improved my relationship with myself, my loved ones and my goals!

I used to deny myself the very dreams and goals I had - deep down, I did not believe that I deserved or could ever achieve them. I had immeasurable goals with no knowledge on how to attain them, I would avoid thinking about something I knew I couldn’t get.

Present day: I am much more confident & focused on reaching these goals than I ever was before. I actually believe that I can achieve them now! I've been more creative in the last 2 months than I have in the last 3 years. I am finally able to listen to my intuition and even have a business idea that I can't wait to flesh out and scale! I am actively working on mini-SMART goals to reach the bigger ones and I’m so excited!!!! Thank you for bringing back my grit :)

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Meet Danielle: Went from zero savings to 6 months emergency fund saved, clear vision of goals & CC debt paid off.

"Before I started the program I had tried everything to cut back on spending and I just didn’t understand. where my money was going. I was super hesitant about investing in the program, but I was at the point where I knew I knew I had tried everything.

I saw all of Nicoles reviews and I knew I needed to ask her for help. I have a great job but every month I had no money left over. I blamed it on not making enough money.

With Nicole’s 3 month program, I was able to pay off my credit card, (which I put the course on and didn’t know how I was going to pay for it). I had zero savings and was able to put 6 months worth of money into a high interest savings account as an emergency fund. I also achieved my ultimate goal of investing and I am working towards another goal of buying my 1st home.

The program helped me with getting clear about my goals, educated me on how to make me money work for me and show me what I really wanted to trade hours of my life for.

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Amanda!

Meet Amanda: Rated the Makin' Money Moves Program a 12/10!

"Seriously amazing! At first when I found Nicole on TikTok, I said to myself there's no way. I didn't realize her background was so similar to mine, which made it feel 10x more possible to get myself to where I want to be because she did it too. Nicole gave me the tools to take my power back and get myself to where I want to be financially. Thank you!! <3

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Olivia!

Meet Olivia: Leveled up her finances from debt to investing!

"Where I started: I had no idea how to invest, how to make more money than I already was, had thousands of dollars in student loan debt, and had a monthly car payment.

Where I am today:

  • I negotiated my car insurance payment down from $192/month to $117/month
  • I opened a high yield savings account with 4% APY and have over $20K saved to go towards my student loans if I need to pay for them once the debt relief plan is lifted
  • I paid off the $4K left on my car payment and am now using that money to go directly into my investment account
  • I have my investment account automatically reinvest the dividends
  • I have an emergency fund with enough money available for 6 months worth of bills 

On a scale of 1-10, Nicole is off the charts! She is so smart and you can tell how much time and effort she has put into learning these things herself, so she in turn can help others.

I aspire to be like Nicole!"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Alanisse!

Meet Alanisse: Went from lost to $10k in savings, negotiated a raise AND started a side hustle using our strategies.

"I really enjoyed this program! I am more of an independent and introverted person so I took this program and ran with it on my own. I appreciated that if there was ever a point that I felt stuck or lost I could reach out to the group or Nicole, Sonia, and Rashiqah and they would always respond.

I started out the program with almost $6000 in credit card debt and $3500 in savings and have dropped my credit card debt down to $1000 and $10,000 in savings. I was also able to negotiate a 4% raise and started a side hustle. The facebook group offered a lot of support and I appreciate the tight community that I was a part of. I am ready to take my knowledge and get myself in a better position to take the income multiplier course. Thank you NBB team!" 

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Mollie!

Meet Rebecca: Paid off $10k in debt and built a 3 month emergency fund in 3 months. 

"This course has truly changed my life. I was so stuck in a toxic cycle of overspending on clothes, shoes, everything I didn't need and really just hoping, wishing, praying that I would somehow have money one day to retire. I was sick of buying things to make me feel better for a few minutes, just to feel like crap again once the instant gratification wore off.

This program taught me more than I thought was possible. I negotiated all of my bills, my CC and even my rentsaving me TONS of money. And it was EASY! This program taught me that money gets to be easy. Which if you said that to me 3 months ago, I would have rolled my eyes.

I've paid off over half of my over 20K in debt in these 3 months. I went from having $0 in savings to a 3 month emergency fund and am working on saving to buy a home in the next 2 years.

The support from the whole NBB team is incredible, and I am so so grateful that I found Nicole and am a part of such an awesome community. My NBB journey definitely isn't stopping here, and I'm excited to continue to learn more! Forever grateful! xx"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Rebecca!

Meet Mollie: Went from feeling hopeless to debt free & creating her dream life.

"Before I started the program, I was feeling hopeless about how I was ever going to reach my financial goals. I knew there were things I wanted to accomplish financially to create the life I wanted, but I didn't know how to get there, or what vehicles were right for me. This course broke everything down for me in an easy to digest and understand format so I know what moves to make, and what things to do in order to reach them.

While I was in the course I paid off all of my student loan debt, and credit card debt!! I'm finally debt free and now I have a roadmap of how to get to the next level financially. Thank you Nicole!" 

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Allie!

Meet Allie: Changed how she thinks about money & feels empowered to invest in her future.

 "Nicole and her team made the complex world of financial literacy feel so digestible. I truly never thought of myself as someone speaking with financial terminology and understanding it, and here I am! These courses have truly changed the way I fundamentally think about money and also helped me understand that the way the system is set up for us to fail if we don't take action. I now am much more knowledgable about investing and other avenues I can take should i want to try. I can't wait to really quantify how much this course has helped me!"

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Meet Victoria: Went from thinking she could never reach her goals to set up for life.

"I started this program thinking I could never reach my goals, that I wasn’t disciplined enough to stick to them and I would always be in debt. I’m so happy I joined and made this investment in myself, because of that decision I’ve been able to accomplish the following:

1. STOP self sabotage. I was notorious for “putting it on my credit card” mindset and I’m happy to say I’ve maintained a $0 balance for the past 3 months. This has helped me stop getting into more debt and set myself up to pay off my loans! 

2. Set up a debt re-payment plan that debunked my anxiety around my debt and made it 100% more manageable. I will be able to pay off my line of credit and student loans in 18 months, thanks to the avalanche method.

3. Overcame my fear of negotiation. This was a BIG challenge for me but I knew if I could lower my bills it would help me achieve my goals towards debt repayment faster. And guess what!? Through negotiations I cut my internet bill in half! Remember to think of Nicole’s words  « Why pay more » and do your research!!! 

4. Prepare for the unexpected. I’m now building an emergency savings and « fun savings  » so I don’t go back into debt when extra costs arise! This was another huge factor that helped to keep myself from « putting it on my credit card »  I now save first for the things I really need and plan to pay with cash, not debt.

5. Learning how to diversify my investment strategy and project my goals with a compound interest calculator. I got so pumped seeing how much I could earn based off of my investments!!! It’s actually made me excited about saving for retirement.

6. Buying my first home, learning I don’t need to follow traditional advice of needing a 20% down payment versus getting into the market sooner with mortgage insurance! This accelerated my goal of being a home owner which will overall help my retirement and investment strategy!

My personal journey was heavy on mindset changes and I feel these improvements have set me up for life! 

This program is worth it because « you have to do things you have never done before, to get to places you have never been! » So if you have been struggling to do it in the past, you’re in the right place! Give yourself grace to learn and if you trust yourself and this program then you’ll come out on the other side new, improved and ready to take on all your goals."

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Meet Jackie: Went from not knowing where to start to being set up to be a millionaire.

"When I started this program I had no emergency fund, I had high interest credit card debt and had only invested about $20 into 1 stock in my life. Since starting I have:

-Opened a HYSA and have over $4700 saved for my emergency fund

-Transferred all my high interest credit card debt to a 9 month 0% interest credit card and planned how to have that paid off in the next 9 months.

-Negotiated down my gas bill from 7.11 cents to 4.97 cents (30% savings)

-Canceled my whole life insurance that is now saving me $95/month

-Refinanced my mortgage to save a 2% interest or $58/month savings

-Closed a bank account that was charging fee's to save $108/year

-Cancelled a service I never used to save $763/year

-Cut my car insurance almost in half which is saving me $546/year!!

-Opened another investing account and am able to put $600/month in it (and have already invested a few thousand since starting)

-Started saving $33.33/day into my HYSA so my emergency fund will be fully funded by the end of the year by contributing $1000/month into it.

-Figured out what I need to reach my goal of work optional in 15 years, and have mapped out some scenarios of how to GROW THEM DOLLLLLA'S (as Nicole would say lol)


Thank you so much for all of your knowledge sharing and keeping your content very engaging and really guiding my plan and mindset to crush my goals. I still have work to do but I am FAR better off than when I started and it's only going to get better from here!" 

Ready for a transformation like these? Apply to be considered for a spot in our coaching program 

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Lindsay!

Meet Lindsay: Went from trapped & $15k in debt to ZERO with an emergency fund saved.

"I joined this course really feeling like I would be in debt forever, unable to buy a house or retire in my lifetime, overwhelmed with an INTENSELY stressful job I’d be trapped in forever.. it wasn’t pretty. Now I feel actually in control of my debt, my savings, I actually even HAVE savings, I’m ready to start investing soon (and actually have a pretty good idea of how to do it!).. None of this would have been even dream-able without this course. I will be out of debt from $15k to ZERO within a year and already have an emergency fund saved. This is incredible and I will be forever grateful to Nicole & the NBB program for helping me turn my whole friggin life around!" 

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Apolonia!

Meet Apolonia: Went from broke & struggling to finally stable with confidence.

"When I first started the program I was worried that I was always going to be broke and struggling. After completing the No Budget Babe program, my mindset completely changed. I am now more confident in handling my money and learning about ways to make more money. I was able to negotiate and lower all of my bills and am now financially stable. I am also able to move out of my rundown apartment into a new one and purchase brand new furniture. I would recommend this program to everyone!"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Liz!

Meet Liz: Went from confused by finances to empowered & confident.

"Being a first-generation Mexican-American, my parents didn't teach me much about money other than how to make it and use it to make a living. I was never taught the importance of selecting where to put my money to make it grow, nor was I taught anything about finances while I was in high school. I knew that if I wanted to have a better future and help my parents, I needed to make that first step in learning how to better manage my finances and how the financial system works. I found Nicole on Ig and was automatically HOOKED! Her knowledge and breakdowns were so easy to understand. She makes learning about money easy. She's encouraging and it's obvious she wants to see women succeed! After taking her course, I am comfortable making smarter investment choices and have a set plan to have the future I want while helping my family grow wealth too. I'm so glad I took the course. I've learned so much and feel more confident in my money choices. I didn't have to give up anything I love and don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by setting a budget. Nicole teaches you how to grow your wealth, by still enjoying what you love. Thank you Nicole for making me one step closer to being rich!"
Check out this No Budget Babe review from Katie!

Meet Katie: Her goals went from feeling impossible to achieved within a year.

"I felt very overwhelmed with my family's finances before this program and now not at all. My boyfriend and I had just moved into our first home with our 2 year old and looking at all the bills and trying to save money and pay off our credit cards it all just seemed impossible

Now with going through the program I have learned how to negotiate our bills to be lower, our credit card debt will be gone in 2 months and my boyfriend's car loan will be paid off in 10 months. Then without having his car payment our small goals account should be at our goal after a year! All I know is without Nicole's program my head would be about to explode. I don't know what to do so let's go spend more money, but not now! Thank you so much.

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Celeste!

Meet Celeste: Went from lost and stagnant to building her dream life & career.  

"10/10 would recommend if the person is ready for change! I started with barely any credit, I went from a 620 to a 702 in 3 months and I was like wow! I didn't believe I could do that on my own.

Y'all made me feel really confident on my goals and how I can tackle them without automatically giving up on myself!! Not only that my savings grew from $900 to $1,500 and they are still growing, I got a brokerage account set up as well as, starting on a retirement account (I only had a checking account when I started) BUT NOW I ALSO HAVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT FOR MY GOALS WTF!? CRAZYYY!!

I didn't know what to do with my life, I was just stagnant and I love how y'all got the ball rolling for me with my coffee shop dream, now I am gonna start at a farmers market!! I am so excited for it, I thought for a moment my life was standing still now I have something to look for!! I like to thank y'all for all the support you've given me! LIKE THANK U SO MUCH! I LOVE Y'ALL!!"

Our babes do HUGE things in our program. Why not you?

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Kiersten!

Meet Kiersten: Has set herself up for success in the future & feels confident making financial decisions.

"I found this course to be very educational and empowering. As a woman in my mid twenties, I want to set myself up for success in the future. I feel that this course has allowed me to do so. I now have a better mindset towards spending and saving which is going to benefit me throughout my life. I also was able to start setting up savings accounts, retirement accounts, investments and goals that are going to benefit me for many years to come. Honestly though, my accomplishment that I am most proud of is that I now feel confident making my own decisions regarding money and don't feel that I need others to guide me. This feels freeing and is going to help me take control of my life. This course helped me reset my mindset and set up a plan to live my dream life!"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Jenna!

Meet Jenna: Cut her debt repayment plan by 6 years.

"I loved having a community that was going through the same challenges I was. It was encouraging to see all the walks of life killing their financial goals no matter the size and always supporting each other. I went from a net worth of -$14,000 to -$3,064 and cutting my debt repayment down 6years! I get excited every time new content is added whether it’s a guest speaker, new module, or TikTok" 


"This course was beyond what I was expecting...I bring it up to anyone who is thinking about financial stability because the foundation of this course is life changing"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Alyson!

Meet Alyson: Got out of being stuck in the past to focused and excited for the future.

"This course helped me understand not only finances but my personal finances, where I am, how I got there and how to get to where I want to be. I can now invest into my future and enjoy in present when before I was stuck in the present or past not expecting to have an exciting future because money was always holding me back. I feel powerful and knowledgeable now!"


" This program teaches people the very basics and tools/strategies to use for a lifetime. I knew nothing coming into this course and now I feel like I am in control of my finances/life"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Lisa!

Meet Lisa: Went from stressed to living her best life.

"NBB was my first choice when it came to seeking help in my finances. She deals with everything from the psychology of things that we do ourselves, which hold us back from our goals, to getting started with investing. With the courses help I set myself up so I don’t need to worry about a budget I just have enough to save, invest and live my best life.  I can’t believe the change in just a few short months. For sure it is a lot of work and at times I was freaking out thinking I could never do this. Whenever I felt like this I just hopped on the next group call and felt buzzed and ready to go again."

Ready is not a feeling, it's a choice.

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Christina!

Meet Christina: Gained the confidence & knowledge to get her money working for her.

"I loved all of the information that is jam packed in this course that just isn't taught in school. This course taught me about what I really value and how to get my money working for me.

Two big learnings for me were to invest my TFSA which i never knew so it was essentially working as a savings account. The second thing was ETFs and this course gave me the confidence to invest in those and for retirement and made my goals feel achievable."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Gurbir!

Meet Gurbir: Realized she had the power to change her life and go after her dreams.

"The Makin' Money Moves 3 Month coaching program was life changing for me. When I started the program, I was in debt and miserable. I had spent the past year accumulating debt on my credit card. I was ordering food several times a week. I hadn't stepped inside a store in months. Instead, I was paying upwards of $4.99 in delivery fees for groceries from stores that were 2 miles away. All I wanted to do was move out of my parents house and move closer to work. I didn't know what to do, but I knew something had to change


So I joined TikTok. And, it was life changing. No, I hadn't started recording dances or challenges. Instead, I found Nicole's account. I watched her videos for a month. She spoke about getting in control of your finances, investing, and developing better money habits. I had never thought of my finances in this way before. I guess I had always figured someone else would manage my money for me. I figured I would get married or someone might appear out of thin air and tell me how to get out of debt and how to stop spending excessively. But no one ever did. Until I watched Nichole's videos, I realized that no one ever would. It would be up to me to step-up and figure it out. If I wanted the life that I always dreamed of, I would have to be the one to work toward it. 


But the program Nicole was offering would cost me money, right? Yes, it costs money. But I had been willing to spend on delivery fees for months that had probably accumulated to more than the entire program ended up costing me. 


But what I learned through the program was that it was an expense I WANTED. I WANTED to spend money on learning about finances and being a better person. I think that, above all, is why I would recommend this program to anyone who knows that things need to change, but you don't know where to start. Start with Nicole. She will give you the tools for changing your habits and attitude which are key for actually learning how to pay off debts and learning how to invest. 


It sounds like it doesn't work, but trust me, it does. As I went through the program, I realized that I had the key in me to change and live my best life, I just had to make the choices and change the habits that kept me from my goals. 


Now I'm closer to paying off my debts, I've saved for a down payment, I understand my investing and retirement options, and I've learned to spend on the things that are truly important to me. 


Becoming a smart financial thinker is a journey and I continue to work on it every day. But none of the wonderful changes I've made would have been possible on my own-- Nicole and the Makin' Money Moves program helped me every step of the way."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Maria!

Meet Maria: Crushed $8k of debt with concrete plans to achieve short & long term goals.

"I started with almost $8000 in debt and in only 4 months, I'm down to $400 left to pay. I did not believe this was possible but it's crazy to think that all this money would have passed by my hands and I wouldn't have saved any of it and would have remained in debt. I have cut down unnecessary expenses and I am still living my best life. I also have $1500 invested and my mini emergency fund of $1000 saved. I have concrete plans of where I want to be in 4 months and in one year.


The group calls are amazing. I thought I'd be uncomfortable sharing with everyone but it felt good to have more people like you, trying to get out of debt etc. The homework were difficult at times, because you're faced with your truth and your future. So far, I have been "saving" and going forward with no real direction, but now I know exactly what I want and how I'm going to proceed for it. It was eye opening"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Allie!

Meet Allie: Excited about setting goals & creating plans to achieve them.

"I found Nicole through TikTok and everything she said made so much sense. I started her free programs and got so much useful information from them, especially pertaining to mindset. When I wanted to take the plunge and apply to the coaching program, i didn't think i would get in. I thought, "i'm not in any dire situation, i'm probably not a good fit," but lo and behold, I was accepted! Boy did I need this. I needed the real continued guidance from mindset to execution, and for the first time in my life I am excited about making goals and creating plans to achieve them. For me, it's not about the tangible results at this time, but what I can see for the future. Thanks to this program I really believe my future will be much better than without it

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Althea!

Meet Althea: Went from racking up debt to $10k in savings.

“At the beginning of this course, I was in a cycle of racking up debt then paying it off, barely thinking about my future self. I was in the midst of starting a new chapter while still clinging to old baggage. This course taught me so much about my mindset and the “why” we do things.


Knowing what I know now, I have managed to put $10k in savings allowing me to not be worried for at least 3-5 months. I have also put a minimum of $1k in my RSP towards my future self. I'm hitting milestones I never thought would be possible while working in my current position.


As I step forward into this new chapter, I'm more encouraged than ever that I'm going to be fine. It may take me a while but I KNOW for a fact that I'm a lot closer than I was 3 months ago, no longer stuck in that endless cycle.


This course was extremely easy to follow and I didn't feel ashamed at all for not knowing anything that we as "adults" need to know about money. It's 100% a safe space for learning about yourself and being able to understand why you're like that in order to not suppress, but be aware, and make the necessary choices to move forward and do what is best. That is what I love the most about this program!"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Laura!

Meet Laura: Went from stuck living pay check to pay check to having a clear plan to reach her goals.

“Nicole and her team teach you how to become financially literate at your own pace and without giving up the things that you love. This is a judgement free zone, they want you to succeed and are supportive and present throughout your entire journey.


I have a six figure income and not much to show for it. I've always been good with saving, but after I purchased my home and had my son, I found that I didn't have the money to make necessary purchases for upgrades or emergencies and couldn't get my savings back to where it had been.


I was living paycheck to paycheck- something I hadn't done in years. I knew I needed to make a change, but had no idea where to start. And then Nicole appeared on my for you page. I followed her, binge watched all of her content and decided that I needed to learn from her. I was hesitant and scared during my application interview, but decided to jump in.


This is not a get rich quick course. You have to go through the steps, change your mindset and get clear with your goals. You have to dig deep too- it's uncomfortable at times and I did get stuck, but I was supported when that happened and had the resources I needed to get unstuck.


I have learned how to make my money work harder for me, have a plan to pay off my debts, and have a clear plan to reach to my goals. I still have some work to do (just do the damn thing!), but I am getting there and am in a much better place than when I started. My only regret is that I did not find Nicole sooner.


As Abel Morales says, “When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump. Otherwise you end up staying in the same place your entire life. And that I can't do”.

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Sydney!

Meet Sydney: Went from saving $100/month to $1700/month, fast-tracking her goal of becoming a homeowner!

"When I started the course, I had no money in savings at all. I pretty much broke even, usually saving $100 a month at most. This was fine, to me, because I wasn't in any debt either. Now, I save around $1,700.00/month! A lot of this major increase in savings was because I was starting a role where I would make quite a bit more money right around when I started the course, but I think the course has set me up for long term success with my income. I feel very confident about my spending habits, my saving habits, and my overall understanding of money and my relationship with it. The support in the course was absolutely spectacular with live sessions that often went hours over time because everyone's questions got answered and if I ever had questions for the group chat they were also answered often within the hour with care, detail, and overall great support. My big goal is to purchase my own property and I am on track to achieve this in 3 years or so (this might sound like a long time, but I'm freakin' impressed with this part the most! I'm living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and in 3 years I'll only be 25! Woot!) Overall, I'm really impressed and just hope to stay connected with the wonderful coaches beyond the course."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Emily!

Meet Emily: Increased her net worth by $7,000 in 3 months.

"This course was a game changer. During just the first month of the course, I cut a $3000 credit card bill down to $0 and I kept it at $0!

While paying down my debt, I also increased my savings by $4000 since September. I also started investing in the stock market.

I would rather have money in my accounts for my true goals than things! Overall, I loved it and the ideals it gave me."

Are you ready to become confident with money + wildly grow your bank account?


Apply to be considered for a spot in the next round of our high level coaching program.

Clients invited to work with Nicole are able to learn the foundations to start saving tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Are you ready to make the investment into yourself + start realizing your dreams?

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Kat!

Meet Kat: Went from her dream life feeling impossible to making it happen. 

"To the program and staff of NBB, THANK YOU! I am so grateful that I was able to take this journey with you all. Before this program, I had the desire to be better with money, to live the life I wanted, to have it all. During this program, I realized that maybe it was possible to have those things. After this program, I'm going to get those things and nothing will stop me. My entire mindset around money and goal-setting has changed and I am forever grateful to this program for that. I wish it wasn't ending, but I feel confident that during my three months I received enough support, love and kicks in the ass to keep me on my path to success. I can't wait to reach back out when I buy my second home and start my REI journey, when I hit $50K in investments for my daughter and I am 100% debt free. Thank you all again."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Katie!

Meet Katie: Went from $20k in debt to DEBT FREE & purchasing her 2nd property.

"When I first started the program I was super nervous. I was $20,000 in debt and NO savings and nothing to show for myself. I was super embarrassed about how much debt I was in. I quickly learned I was not alone. I worked through the modules and homework and in 7 months I paid off ALL MY DEBT!! I am currently on track to buying my second property. Thank you so much Nicole and team !!"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Elayna!

Meet Elayna: Went from confused & struggling with CC debt to SAVING and INVESTING!

"I came into this course with credit card debt and zero idea what to do with my money. I also had a huge spending problem on useless stuff. I have now managed to pay off more than half of my credit card debt, saved myself a ton of money to now invest in my brokerage account to and will be able to add to my retirement account. The group was very supportive and uplifting. Can't wait to take another course in the future."

Can't afford to get your finances in order?

What if you can't afford not to? Try this exercise:

  1. How long have you been feeling stuck
  2. How much do you make per year
  3. Multiply the number of years by your income
  4. This is the total amount of dollars that has come into your life since you've been feeling stuck...
  5. What do you have to show for it?

Make the investment into yourself and start getting everything you've ever wanted. Money gets to be easy, and you get to have the life you've always wanted.

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Gabriella!

Meet Gabriella: Feels confident in her ability to achieve her goals. 

"I feel so accomplished after completing this course!! I have learned so so much and come such a long way in understanding personal finance and financial terms and strategies. I feel really confident in myself and my values, which makes me feel confident in my ability to achieve my goals. I started with most of my money sitting in my savings account and some in a HYSA and 403b account, and now most of my money is in two HYSAs and two retirement accounts! I will miss the coaching call and the FB group so so much! I love how positive and supportive everyone is, it's truly a women empowering women environment unlike anything I have ever been a part of. We all want to help one another and support one another, I think that attitude and mindset should be carried into other facets of life. I will definitely be more outwardly supportive and helpful to others after going through this experience whereas I would be more quiet and to myself before this program."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Caitlyn!

Meet Caitlyn: Went from scared to having a plan in place for her first baby. 

"This course gave me clarity and a plan of how I want to use my money moving forward. I can comfortably say that I know what I want to put in place before I can have my first baby, I don't think I could have said that before this course. So thank you for that, this is something I have always wanted but felt scared. I feel better about that idea now and can't wait to make it happen soon!"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Danielle!

Meet Danielle: Is now saving $1300/yr & understands how money works!

"This program was so eye opening for both me and husband. During the course, we were hit with some unforeseen circumstances and did have to take on some additional debt, but I was able to lower my house and auto insurance by almost $1000/yr. Switched banks, saving my husband and I $300/yr.

Once my husband returns to work, we will be able to put an additional $500 towards debt and investments since we cut a bunch of expense while home.

I feel less panicked about the debt that I have now and understand how money works."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Samantha!

Meet Samantha: Now has a plan in place for her future!

"When I started the MAKIN' Money Moves Method course, I knew I had room to grow within my finances. I just needed guidance, which Nicole and her team provided. I had some savings when I began the program, had credit card debt, student loan debt as well as a mindset that kept telling me I had to work hard for my money to earn money. After completing this course I am happy to say I have a healthy emergency savings saved, my credit card debt is down, my student loan debt has a plan, and I'm keeping my mindset in check so I can reach my goals! I have no doubt in a short amount of time I will be buying my dream boat and lake home, and reaching my financial freedom!"

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Amanda!

Meet Amanda: She changed her relationship with money!

"I loved this course! I was looking around on the internet for a while looking to learn more about money and investments and nothing was clear to me. So once Nicole came across my for you page on TikTok I felt like I could relate to her. After watching her videos for a few weeks, I decided to book an interview call to see if I would be accepted into her program. After an interview with Jenny, I was accepted. Since that day I felt like I have learnt so much. I have paid off my credit card. I have started to look at using my credit card in a different way. I use it only to earn the cash back and pay it off in full each time its due. I have started to save for my emergency fund."

Check out this No Budget Babe review from Andrea!

Meet Andrea: She made a plan to pay off debt, grow her emergency fund, and invest in her future!

"I finally finished the Make Money Moves course, and I am incredibly thankful for the plethora of information I bought into. I'm not going to lie; putting this course on my credit card gave me ALL the feels, but I knew months ago that this was the right decision for me. In September of 2022, My husband and I bought our dream home; my debts were paid off instantly until we had to redo the roof. There was no argument between us; we had to do it for our families' safety. Taking on this new debt brought me back into a tight hole I grew up accustomed to. After seeing Nicole on TikTok, I knew this was how I would get out of it. Today, I have finally written out my plan to get to where I need to be in 5 years. I will revisit and revise as I go, but this is EXCITING! My emergency fund has to grow a bit more to the 1K mark again after using it for a plumber, but I was SO happy not to have to use my credit card for it, which I've decided to keep at home now to avoid using! My debt repayment plan was initially 10+ years, but after moving some priorities and changing a few payments, I will be debt free by next year – H O L Y C R A P My retirement plan is now in full swing, and all my Christmas money (500$) went into my new Portfolio. My modest 50$ a month is just the beginning; once my debt is paid off, that extra money will be split between that and my other goals, like paying off this HOUSE! I didn't have a plan coming into this, and now I have set myself up for LIFE. Words cannot describe how thankful I am. My daughter will learn how to do this properly, which you can never put a price on."

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