So, gimme the deets. Who is Nicole and how did The No Budget Babe get to where she is today?

Introducing Nicole Victoria: A Financial Coach Empowering Women to Achieve Financial Freedom


Nicole Victoria is a renowned financial coach, published author, and dedicated advocate for women's financial empowerment.

Her transformative journey from being burdened by $40k student debt to becoming a millionaire at the age of 30 has equipped her with unique insights and strategies that she shares with others through her coaching programs.

With her signature approach, "The Makin Money Moves Method," she helps women unlock their financial potential and achieve success without sacrificing their passions or working harder.

Having experienced her own financial struggles after university, Nicole understands the challenges many face in managing money effectively. She was saddled with student loan debt and struggled to save (let alone invest and grow her wealth).

However, driven by her desire to break free from financial limitations, and knowing she was meant for more, she embarked on a transformative path - she decided to take lessons from the rich, and learn how money truly worked (so she could use it to her advantage).

Nicole's approach is anchored in the belief that personal finance is 80% mindset and behavior, and only 20% tactic. While the tactic (like how to invest, how to pay off debt, what accounts to use) is important, most people falter and stay stuck because they don't build their financial foundation through their habits and behaviors before they start.

By delving into the psychology behind her own financial struggles, she gained a deep understanding of the reasons holding her back. She dismantled the notion that budgeting and restriction were the paths to financial success  and discovered a whole new world of possibilities. 

Through her journey, Nicole developed her unique "Makin Money Moves Method." This method focuses on understanding the psychological barriers to financial growth and combining it with smart investment strategies.

Armed with this approach, she successfully eliminated her $40,000 debt and accelerated her wealth creation journey. At the age of 30, Nicole achieved the remarkable feat of becoming a self-made millionaire.

As a financial coach, Nicole guides women towards financial success by teaching them her proven techniques. Her coaching packages are specifically designed to help women increase their income without working harder, save more without sacrificing their lifestyle, and invest with confidence. Nicole firmly believes that true financial freedom lies in the fusion of mindset, behavior, and strategic investment.

In addition to her expertise as a financial coach, Nicole Victoria holds several notable titles. She is a devoted mother, a loving wife, a successful Broker, a Certified Negotiations Expert, and a passionate advocate for financial literacy. Her relatable and engaging style has resonated with hundreds of thousands, inspiring them to take control of their financial destinies.

Through her engaging coaching programs, Nicole Victoria empowers women to rewrite their financial stories and build the lives they truly desire (and deserve). With her guidance, countless individuals have broken free from financial constraints and embraced a path of prosperity (aka becoming the rich b*tches they were meant to be).

If you're ready to change your life and build a fat bank account, connect with Nicole Victoria today and join the ranks of empowered women achieving financial freedom.

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