Quick Wins Playbook

The complete guide to crushing your expenses and pumping up your $$$$ without changing your lifestyle or giving up what you love.

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Do you ever feel...

Stressed because you want to save money but you don't want to give up what you love to get there

Scared of negotiating because you don't know what to say

Upset because you know you deserve more money, but you don't know how to ask for it

Like you just wish you knew how to get ahead with money so you can start living the life you want


Imagine if...

You could build a big @ss savings without having to change your lifestyle

You could put more money in your pocket effortlessly

You had the exact scripts of what to say, from someone who's a trained negotiator

You got that big baller raise, or negotiated an envious starting salary


If this sounds like you... then this book could be the answer to everything you're looking for.


Save more money NOW

Learn how to save big $$$ without changing your lifestyle + strategies to add thousands to your savings

Get tried and tested scripts for every industry

Literally read right from the book or plug and play into an email, and start saving thousands. It's really that easy.

Quick Wins Playbook

$49 USD

  • Negotiation 101
  • Top 10 negotiation mistakes
  • Overcome NO in any situation
  • Learn tried and tested scripts and techniques from Nicole, a Certified Negotiations Expert
  • Over 20 pages of money making + saving amazingness
  • Plug and play scripts for over 8 different industries
  • Start getting paid what you deserve and spending less without changing your lifestyle

Are you ready to start making more money + paying less for the stuff you want?

The Quick Wins Playbook gives you everything you need to know about negotiating your bills down, and your salary up. The strategies in this book were developed by Nicole, who is a Certified Negotiations Expert, with years of experience under her belt. Learning how to effectively negotiate will put thousands more in your pocket without having to change your lifestyle at all.

Why not you?

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